Welcome to the Payment of Things


We are the payment backbone that powers the sale of 12,000 NFTs in under 1 minute. We are also a payment widget that you can add to your games, e-commerce or anything in between - all in under 5 minutes. We are the payment of things.

Increase revenue with more payment options

Accepting the whole payment spectrum just got a lot easier. With Fracto, your users can pay with crypto, credit card, bank transfer, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Fracto's own AI tools stop fraud cold
Real-time traffic analysis blocks outside attacks
Full financial industry standards compliance

All edge,
zero problems

Other payment platforms surprise you with hidden complexities. Some don’t like crypto. Some don’t support certain legacy payments.

Fracto doesn’t play favorites. We support everything, because we know that’s the only way businesses can keep pace with today’s rapidly shifting payments landscape.

Fracto payments

Unified, worldwide, and unbelievably easy

1 base layer

Fracto is the central hub for 21st-century payments. Traditional banking, distributed Web, and crypto/NFT-centric organizations can all run through the Fracto nexus. Fracto supplies the underlying protocols and mechanics that make payments seamless for today’s emerging business landscape.

(and growing)

From Albania to Zambia, Fracto already spans most of the globe. We work with local payment methods and the largest networks to deliver some of the industry’s most aggressive prices and fastest
transaction rates.

1000s of payment

Take your pick: Apple Pay and Google Pay. ACH transfers and credit/debit cards. Bitcoin and literally hundreds of crypto-based alternatives. Fracto can process payments from practically any modern payment rail, and it’s all enabled through a single,
simple widget.

Made for developers

Coded in 5 minutes

Normally, integrating into an all-inclusive platform means months of onboarding and integration headaches. Forget that. With only a few lines of code to call Fracto’s widget or APIs, any business can now demolish the barriers between fiat and crypto.

Universally compatible widget


Supported Countries




Fiat Currencies


Payment Widget

Trusted by the best

Deliver equal support every major payment type.

Fracto eliminates friction, so your customers are free to transact however they please.


What people say

My clients expect speed.

With Fracto, payments go through lightning fast. We're seeing 15% more completions during volume peaks.

Good, cheap and fast

Being able to take practically any payment method means fewer clients going elsewhere and way fewer support calls asking "why don't you take...?" Now, we take everything."

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